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Brightening Face Cleanser



Product Details

Rich cleansing lotion for demanding skin. With mulberry tree extract and active washing substances.

To Use: Distribute Brightening Face Cleanser over the face and neck in the morning and evening and massage in with the fingertips in circling motions. Remove with plenty of lukewarm water or moist compresses.

Tip: In the case of very heavy make-up, cleansing in two stages with Brightening Face Cleanser is recommended:

1. Apply cleansing lotion, distribute gently and remove the surplus with a paper tissue.

2. Apply cleansing lotion again, distribute gently and wash off with plenty of water or a compress.


 Morus alba: White mulberry tree root extract

 Fatty alcohol ethoxylates: Non-ionic tensides, emulsify water- and lipid-soluble particles of dirt without drying out the skin

pH VALUE 4.5


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