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Triple Action Recovery

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Product Details

· Increases the density of connective tissue

· Promotes a fresh, youthful skin color

· Skin-smoothing; power course of treatment with lifting effect

· Light gel lotion with immediate freshness effect

· Power course of treatment with lifting effect

· Visible improvement of the skin structure

· Increase in the skin's resilience and elasticity

· Creases caused by dryness are reduced

· Supports and stimulates the skin's native regeneration process

To Use: 

Use Triple Action Skin Recovery as a course of care in the evening for approx. 28 days. In the first care cycle, which lasts approx. 14 days, begin with the following product combination: 

1. Apply Skin Refining Enzyme Peel onto the cleansed skin on the face, neck and neckline (including the eye area) and massage in gently (do not wash off). As soon as the product has been absorbed by the skin, the concluding care lotion, De Age & Re-Lift Lotion, is applied. 

After approx. 14 days, the content of the enzyme peeling will be used up. During the second care cycle over the next approx. 14 days, application is carried out as follows: 

2. Apply De-Age & Re-Lift Concentrate onto the cleansed skin on the face, neck and neckline (including the eye area) and allow to work in briefly. Gently distribute the concluding care lotion, De-Age & Re-Lift Lotion, on top.


· Hyaluronic acid: Moisturizing and moisture-binding

· Iris root extract: Rich in isoflavones (phyto estrogen), stimulates protein synthesis, deep-acting regeneration of the connective tissue, increases the skin's density and smoothness.

· Kombucha: Biotechnologically fermented black tea, brightens the skin.

· Protein hydrolysate from white lupines: Stimulates the biosynthesis of epidermal proteins and lipids, improves cell cohesion and the skin's natural barrier to protect against moisture deficiency.

· Vitamin E acetate: Radical interceptor, preventive skin aging protection

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