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Brightening Face Freshener



Product Details

200 ml

Brightening tonic with mulberry root extract for a clear, fresh, radiantly beautiful complexion. 

The mild, alcohol-free care formula removes all unwanted residues from the skin surface and is the ideal end of the facial cleansing. Mulberry root extract promotes the fresh, clear radiance of demanding skin. Glycerin improves the moisture content in the upper layers of the skin. In addition, the skin's physiological pH is restored and the protective acid mantle stabilized.

• Optimal subsequent cleansing after applying Brightening Face Cleanser

• Alcohol-free

• Promotes a fresh, clear appearance

• Ideal preparation for subsequent care preparations

• Stabilizes the skin's hydrolipidic barrier

• Improves the moisture content in the upper layers of skin

To Use: Put Brightening Face Freshener on a cotton pad in the morning and evening after cleansing and gently rub over the face and neck.


• Glycerine: Natural moisture retention factor obtained from plants

• Morus alba: White mulberry tree root extract

pH VALUE 5.3

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