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Balancing Skin Complex



Product Details

30 ml

Highly dosed active agents concentrate on the regulation of sebaceous gland function in combination with skin. For particularly clear skin, refined pores, and a fresh, silky matt complexion.

Sometimes the combination skin tends to be particularly oily and thus tends to increased impurities and enlarged pores. During this time, the daily basic care is perfectly complemented by the application of the highly effective Balancing Skin Complex. This normalizes the overactive sebaceous gland activity thanks to the innovative anti-sebum active ingredient complex based on an extract of olive leaves. The skin appears fresh and silky matt again, impurities are prevented. The skin glows particularly clear and with visibly refined pores!

• The skin profile is left looking fresh and silky-matte again

• Effectively prevents blemishes

• Reduces and normalizes sebum gland activity

• Refines the pore structure

• Ensures particularly clear skin

To Use: Distribute over the oily areas of the face and neckline in the morning and/or evening after cleansing with Gentle Cleansing Powder, massage in gently, and allow to work in for a few minutes. Then apply Balancing Cream on top.


• Fomes Officinalis: Larch agaric (tree fungus) extract, contains polysaccharides and minerals; natural astringent acts to perceptibly lift and refine the skin profile by reducing the size of pores

• Red algae extract (Condrus Crispus): Moisturizing

• Anti-sebum active substance complex: Contains an extract from olive leaves (oleanolic acid), reduces excessive sebum production, has a keratolytic and bactericidal effect

pH VALUE 6.1

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