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Clarifying Cream Gel

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50 ml

Sebum-regulating 24-hour gel for blemished skin. For a clear, fine-pored and silky-matt complexion!

Skin prone to acne is often accompanied by a large-pored complexion and an annoying greasy shine. A beauty blemish for those affected, which can be very stressful. This is exactly where Clarifying Cream Gel comes in and fulfills all requirements for optimal 24-hour care for skin prone to impurities! 

The light gel texture refines the pore structure, helps inflammation to subside faster and prevents new impurities. Highly effective ingredients such as sebum-regulating butyl Avocadate - a distillate from the avocado fruit - skin-clarifying and soothing aloe vera extract, the moisturizing extract of the red algae and polyamide fine powder for a silky-matt skin appearance, characterize the gel cream, rated VERY GOOD by the Institute Dermatest®.

• Refines the pore structure

• Inflammation abates faster, new inflammation is prevented

• Regulates the sebum gland function

• Blemishes are prevented

• Calming, balancing and moisturizing

• Leads to a clear and silky-matte skin profile

To Use:  Simply apply the light 24-hour gel to cleansed skin in the morning and/or evening and massage in gently.

TipClarifying Cream Gel is also perfect as a make-up base.



• Butyl Avocadate: Distillate from the avocado fruit, an anti-sebum active substance

• Aloe vera extract: Soothing, skin-clarifying, moisturizing

• Red algae extract (Chondrus Crispus): Moisturizing

• Fine polyamide powder: Porous, round spheres, microfine, absorb surplus sebum and leave the surface of the skin looking matte

pH VALUE 6.6


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