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Cleansing Milk

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Product Details

Mild cleansing lotion that leaves the skin with a clear clean appearance. With aloe vera juice, olive and coconut oil.

To Use: Distribute Cleansing Milk over the facial skin and remove with plenty of water or moist compresses. Then cleanse again using Calming Freshener.

Tip: To remove eye make-up, pour Cleansing Milk onto a moist cotton wool pad and stroke gently over the eyes towards the tips of the eyelashes.

Note: Dermatologically tested.


• Aloe vera juice CEC: Skin-clarifying, soothing, moisturizing

• Olive oil CEC: Rich, creamy basis for mild skin cleansing

• Coconut oil CEC: “Virgin oil” from initial cold pressing, untreated, with a particularly high content of fatty acids; rich, creamy basis for mild skin cleansing; smoothes the skin and leaves it feeling soft and gentle


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