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Normalizing Skin Complex



Product Details

30 ml

High-dose active ingredient concentrate for the local treatment of blemished skin

Blemished skin needs special attention - all the more if it tends to persistent and stuck comedones, piping and pustules. A skin-specific care cream is often not enough here. 

Normalizing Skin Complex is a highly effective active ingredient concentrate for local application and targeted combating of blemishes. The light formula includes salicylic acid to open pores, loosen superficial skin cells, soften comedones and remove them completely. An anti-sebum active ingredient complex with oleanolic acid reduces excessive sebum production and has an antibacterial effect. Aloe vera extract has a calming, skin-clarifying and moisturizing effect.

• Skin blemishes are specifically combated and prevented

• Dissolves dead skin cells

• Loosens stubborn blackheads until these are completely removed

• Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

• Moisturizing

To Use:  Normalizing Skin Complex is applied directly to oily areas of the skin and existing or emerging blemishes and gently massaged in. After a few minutes of exposure, use Clarifying Cream Gel as light 24-hour care.

Note: The effect of the concentrate was tested under specialist medical dermatological control by the Dermatest® institute (overall rating: VERY GOOD)



• Anti-sebum active substance complex: Contains an extract from olive leaves (oleanolic acid), reduces excessive sebum production, has a keratolytic and bactericidal effect

• Salicylic acid: Opens the pores, removes dead skin cells on the surface, softens blackheads (keratolytic)

• Aloe vera extract: Soothing, skin-clarifying, moisturizing

• Red algae extract (Chondrus Crispus): Moisturizing

pH VALUE 4.8


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