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AHA Face Cream



Product Details

Cream with fruit acids for oily blemished skin.


Cream with fruit acids for oily blemished skin. Frees the skin of dead cells, reduces blackheads and refines the pores. Contains fruit acids and a moisturising sugar compound. Apply to the face after cleansing and allow it to work. Use preferably in the evenings. Ideal when used in combination with Microsilver Serum.

To Use: 

Apply AHA Face Cream onto cleansed skin and massage it in lightly, preferably in the evening.

Tip: Ideal in combination with Microsilver Serum. We then recommend using the products as follows:

1. Microsilver Serum

2. AHA Face Cream

Note: During the day, be careful when exposing skin to UV-sunlight – please use Face Guard Advanced.


• Glycolic acid: occurs naturally in, inter alia, unripe grapes, sugar-cane juice and sugar-beets. Has a keratolytic effect

• Malic acid: can be found in unripe apples, gooseberries and other fruits – in a higher concentration, this also has a slightly keratolytic effect

• Tartaric acid: tartaric acid and its salts are found in abundance in the vines, grapes, and leaves of the grapevine; has a slightly keratolytic effect

• Citric acid: is found in lemons, but also in many other fruits; has a keratolytic effect

• Saccharide isomerates: moisture-retaining substance based on natural sugars; it binds naturally to the skin’s keratin and is seen as a “moisture magnet” 

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