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Balancing Cream



Product Details

50 ml

Balancing care cream for combination skin. For a matt, clear and even complexion and a pleasantly soft skin feeling!

The combination skin tends to have an unsightly oily sheen, particularly in the T-zone. Even the best makeup is powerless here. These oily skin areas are not only visually unpopular but also tend to be blemished. 

Thanks to a sugar-like substance from rice bran, Balancing Cream balances the fat content of the dry and oily skin areas, reduces and normalizes excessive sebum flow, and restores the natural skin balance. So blackheads and enlarged pores have no chance at all! The light texture absorbs quickly into the skin, has a pore-refining and moisturizing effect. Dryness wrinkles are alleviated and the skin gets an even, clear, and wonderfully matted appearance and also feels particularly soft!

• Moisturizing and moisture-retaining

• Refines the pore profile

• Reduces and normalizes excessive sebum production

• The skin's natural balance is restored

• Leaves the skin looking clear and matte

• Leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft

• Creases caused by dryness are reduced

To Use: Balancing Cream is regularly applied to cleansed skin in the morning and/or evening and massaged in gently.

Tip: The light care cream is perfect as a make-up base!


Sugar-like substance from rice bran: Balances the lipid content of dry and greasy areas of skin

• Red algae extract (Chondrus Crispus): Moisturizing

• Aloe vera: Soothing and skin-clarifying

• Fine polyamide powder: Porous, round spheres; microfine; absorb surplus sebum and leave the surface of the skin looking matte

pH VALUE 6.3


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