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Hand extracted Soft Argan should be used when initial signs of aging start to appear such as fine lines, laughter lines, signs of fatigue, and weary appearance. Soft Argan is cold-pressed and provides smooth, silky-soft skin which appears lifted and significantly rejuvenated while causing laughter lines and fine lines to move into the background. With no tendency towards irritation, your skin profile will appear relaxed and calm. Soft Argan protects against free radicals and sustains an optimally functioning skin barrier property.

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To Use: Apply onto the face, neck and neck line in the morning/evening. Avoid the eye are. Use the capsule’s contents entirely. Follow with your regular nighttime regime.



A dual peptide system of Myristyl Pentapeptide-8 and Myristyl Tetrapeptide-8 which occur naturally in the skin with the aim of integrating the active substances better into the skin and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis. Also benefits the fibroblasts, the elastic supporting tissue in the skin.

Argan Spinosa Oil is a rare and precious oil from the fruits of the Moroccan Argan tree. It is very rich in unsaturated fatty acids (EFAS) and alpha tocopherol.

Neem oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the seeds of the Neem tree (Azadirachta Indica), an evergreen tree which is endemic to the Indian subcontinent and has been introduced to many other areas in the tropics. It has skin calming and antibacterial effects.

Marsh Pennywort from the umbellifer family. It stimulates the circulation of the blood and therefor the skin’s circulation.


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