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Vita Glow Deluxe contains pure Retinol that gently helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles via a patented Micro-Sponge Delivery System. The Micr0-Sponge Delivery System releases pure bio-active Retinol (Vitamin A) for optimal effectiveness with minimal risk of irritation. Vitamin A offers a restricting effect on collagen fibers. The tissue strengthening effect is visible due to increased skin density. Newly achieved elasticity combined with an improved tightness leads to a firmer skin contour. As the visible signs of premature aging begin to recede, skin is energized and nourished. Skin texture, firmness and smoothness improve in a time release unit dosage. The light gel consistency of pre-measured, 12 hours sustained released dosages of Vitamin A reduces fine lines dramatically. Surface application of Vitamin A also helps prevent dryness, keeping the skin healthy. Blotchiness, roughness, pore visibility and dark spots improve gradually with increased time of application. Test studies show 28% improvement after week 1 and a 55% improvement after week 12.

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To Use:  Apply at night: Twist the upper part of the tube until it breaks. Tab the contents of the vial on the face and neck and gently massage. Avoid the eye area. After application, if your skin has the need for an additional cream or lotion, choose the appropriate product for the skin type. EXTERNAL USE ONLY!



Retinol is a natural form of Vitamin A that improves collagen rebuild while stimulating cell renewal and cell growth. Therefore, improving skin texture and leading to tighter skin.


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